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Treadwell Academy is the fictional boarding school that serves as the setting for my YA series of novels. It’s located in Western Massachusetts, a bus ride away from Boston, and is strictly girls-only.

Book 1: The Rock Star’s Daughter (Taylor) – published in September, 2011

Book 2: The Believer’s Daughter (Grace) – published in March, 2012!

Book 3: The Viscount’s Daughter (Betsey) – published in August, 2012!

Book 4: The Tycoon’s Daughter (Emma) – published in March, 2014!

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      • Kendra

        Caitlyn, I absolutely obsessed with the Treadwell Academy novels. I was wondering if and when you will release another. I love the books and can’t stop rereading them. Please, PLEASE, write another one. I am in love with following the journeys through these girls each, individual lives. PLEASE write back!

        • admin

          Hi! Thank you so, so much for your note on my blog. I’m getting ready to release my latest, Center Stage, in June. It’s the story of Taylor’s friend Allison (Todd’s little sister). Many of the characters from the first book make appearances in this one, including Taylor and Chase. The prequel, Backstage, has already been posted to Wattpad for free! And we’ll be doing a paperback giveaway of the novel on Goodreads. I apologize that it’s taken me so long to release this one. I moved to Los Angeles last year, and it ate up a few more months of my life than I intended!

  • Charlotte Abry

    I love the Rock Star’s Daughter! It is so awesome!!! I’m almost done with it and I cant put it down!
    I was just wondering are these books only like ebooks for kindles and stuff or are there physical copies of the book? Cuz I would luv a copy but I can’t find one anywhere.
    Anyway great job <3 the book!!!!

    • Hi Charlotte,
      Thanks for your note! The good news is YES the books are coming out in print in the very near future. They’ll be for sale on Amazon but probably not in regular book stores until the summer. I’ll definitely post to my blog when they’re available. :)

  • Desiree' Wright

    I have just finished your resent book the rock star’s daughter and i give it 5 Stars ! Amazing book! Im so glad i downlaoded it on to my Ipod Touch. Im about to be 14years old and this book actually taught me a lesson about how boys can use you; and how alot of bad things can happen but good things will always come my way. Please inform me when your next book is out and i will make sure to tell all my classmates about this book!!

    • Desiree, thank you so much for reading my book and visiting my blog! I feel like I need to jump to Jake’s defense a little… he definitely was a jerk to Taylor but I tried to show that his life was very complicated, just like Taylor’s, and lots of times boys that age do stupid things without really intending to hurt anyone’s feelings. Anyhow… everyone seems very interested in what happens with Todd :) I’ll be updating the blog as soon as I have new information about when the next two books in the series come out, and thanks again for reading, and messaging me!

  • Desiree' Wright

    O understand perfectly what you mean about Jake. I was sooooo excited when Taylor said she went to dinner with him, the gift he gave, and the fact that he came to her show! Loved it! Please finish between Taylor & Todd; i can’t wait.

  • Charlotte Abry

    I love the book! I’m wondering if it’s only an ebook or something or is it hard copy too? I’m just wondering because it’s really good.
    Five stars totally!!!!!!

    • Hi Charlotte,
      My publisher is telling me it will be a paperback book available before the end of February, available on Amazon. Right around the time that Book 2 is being released!
      I’m so glad you loved the book.

  • OMG the best most amazing most awesome book I have eva read!!!!! Desperate for more!!!!
    When will the next lot of books be realesed!!!!
    Telling all my friends about it! Your compleatly the next J.K rowling stephenie meyer.
    Purly an amazing writer!!!

  • Rachel

    I couldnt put down the rockstars
    Daughter and cant wait to read the believers daughter. When is it coming out on uk itunes?

  • kb

    I keep checking for book number two (grace) on this blog, can you give a roughly date or month you think it’ll come out? sorry for the pressure I’m just looking forward to read 2nd one! :)

    • Hi! Book 2 is technically out and available on, but because the publishing queue on iTunes takes SO LONG (it’s been in there for almost 2 months), you can read Book #2 if you download the Wattpad app (Wattpad is a reading & writing online community). The story, The Believer’s Daughter, will be there for a limited time, and I’m also publishing Book #4 (The Viscount’s Daughter, aka The Betsey Book) in increments on the Wattpad site as I write, if you have any interest in reading my drafts before I polish them! Book #3 is about to enter the iTunes publishing queue so, it may be May before that one’s available. Thanks for your note :)

  • Caitlyn

    Heyyyyyyy I loved loved loved your book!!!! It would mean alot to me if u would reply back and that if I sent u a copy of my book if u could sign it!!!!? Thanks!!!!!!!!:)

  • leah

    I loved both The Rockstar’s Daughter and The Believer’s Daughter! Both of them left me wanting to read so much more! I love the references to Taylor from Grace’s story. Can’t wait for Emma’s story!

  • Chris

    Haven’t read a book in Quite some time but I saw “the rockstars daughter” and a few pages in a was hooked, awesome book :)

  • Tausha from cincinnati ohio

    I loved the rock stars daughter! I was browsing thru my kindle and wanted to read different authors. I am in my thirties and will def suggest this series to my teenage nieces! Wonderful read miss Duffy! Excited to see what happens with Todd and the B sisters in the next series! Ten stars for u! U go girl!

  • Laura Heaven

    Love the books, started reading The Rock Star’s Daughter on Wattpad then found it on the kindle store. Managed to read The Believer’s Daughter in one day, just couldn’t put it down. :)

    • Then you might be happy to learn that Felix was based on a *real boy* – yes, there are nice boys in the world! Keep your eyes peeled for Book #3… it’s all about a girl named Emma!

      • DF

        Now that is great news! I do hope you keep writing, because it has been a while since I have found an author who I enjoy reading so much! The way you capture New York in The Believer’s Daughter is superb! I no longer live there, but I lived there as a teenager when I was in High School. I loved the way you described the cold winter days, it just took me back there.

        I should also say that I used to be really creative and write a lot myself… but I lost my creativity when I started my profession which is way too serious . You have actually made me think about writing again. With work and two little children it won’t be possible for a while, but at least I am starting to jot down some thoughts. Thank you!

        • Thank you so much for your note! You should absolutely keep writing. Jotting down thoughts is the best way to start. A lot of times when I have a block or just not enough time to really develop an idea, I just write an outline, or I write the main idea as quickly as possible. Then I return to it when I have more time and fill in the blanks. And of course, if you miss NYC in the winter, you must also miss the crazy, sweaty summer days with no breeze. 95 yesterday!

  • Lucy

    Do you plan on writing a follow uo to The Believers Daughter? I fell in love with it. And It really made me want to move to NYC for some reason.

    • Hi Lucy, one of these days, I hope to write a sequel to follow up on Grace’s story after she returns to campus. And of course, Felix will be included; I already know how I’d like their story to continue. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • megan

    I really loved your books- my dad jut downloaded a selection of books on my kindle and the rockstars daughter happened to be one of them- i wasnt that keen on the idea of reading all these books but once i started on your i just couldnt put it down! I downloaded the believer’ daughter within 2 weeks of purchasing the first and have got about three-quarters of the way through it. I cannot wait for the new books, particuly Emma’s story as i happen to know from personal expierance.. that being the rich kid may seem so simple to those around you, but truthly it is anything but!

    • Hi Megan,
      thanks so much for your note and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the books! Yes, the lives of girls who are considered to be privileged are plagued with their own kind of problems… especially when you mix in fame and the whole world passed judgement on their parents’ actions. When I was at boarding school I observed that my classmates were under an enormous amount of pressure from their parents to get great grades as well as be pretty, popular, and athletic… it was an impossible ideal for anyone to live up to!

    • Hi, the sequel about Taylor is coming out in the fall. But Taylor Beauforte plays a huge role in Book #4 (all about Betsey Norfleet) which will be out within the next 3 weeks!

  • Is there any official date for the release of book#2 of The Rockstar’s Daughter? I’m REALLY excited about it, can’t wait to see what happens btw Taylor and Jake 😀

  • JennaGraham

    I absolutely loved The Rockstars daughter, definitely now my favourite book! Please, please make the next book about Taylor!!

    • Hi Jenna, thanks for your note! The next book is all about Betsey Norfleet, who ends up at school with Taylor in the fall. So there’s lots of Taylor in it, and the events actually overlap with the Taylor sequel (only from Betsey’s point of view). I’m still working on the Taylor: Junior Year, but it’s coming! At this point, the pressure’s on… it needs to be awesome!

  • Lily

    Hey I’m intrigued to read ur other books but unfortunately u have to pay for your second I’ve read your first book the rock stars daughter and it’s good pls can u do ur other books for free thanks

    • Here’s the sad story of being a writer… online stores actually charge my publisher to distribute content overseas, so even if I want my stories to be free, there are only specific circumstances under which some stores will allow that. However, I do want lots of people to read my books, so my publisher tries to keep them really cheap.
      Here’s a giant hint though for any of my readers who are on a budget or whose parents won’t let them buy digital books… join and become my fan. I develop all of my new stories there, so if you can live with my typos, you can read for free! And when you join, send me a message to say hi and I can give you access to any stores I’ve made private since publication.

  • Brianna

    I’ve read all three of your treadwell academy books and loved them all! Once I started reading I couldn’t put them down. I’m anxiously awaiting your next book!

  • DF

    Hi Caitlyn

    The Viscount’s Daughter is another superb book. I think it is actually my favourite one now. I did not like Taylor in this book, though, she came across so differently! I am looking forward to Emma’s story. I somehow cannot imagine that I will like her, but I am sure you will change my mind by the end of it.


    • Hi, I’m glad you liked Betsey’s story! Taylor seems different in it because it’s through Betsey’s eyes, and in the sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter, some of these events will be retold by Taylor. Imagine how freaked out Taylor must have been seeing Betsey suddenly on her campus after all the trouble they got into with the paparazzi over the summer! One of the things I like to explore is a writer is how the main characters always think their version of the story is the right one :) Emma is very different from Betsey and Taylor; she’s viciously funny but finds out how terrible it feels to have the tables turned in her story.

      • DF

        Hello! I realise that Taylor is so different in this book because it is through Betsey’s eyes. I probably should have phrased that a little better. :-) I think that this is part of your talent. You really manage to put yourself in so many different shoes when writing. I was just surprised at how much I went from liking to disliking Taylor in the space of three books – and all of that just because she is being described from a new perspective. :-) Towards the end of The Viscount’s Daughter Taylor becomes more likeable again, but she just seems so very different! I guess one of the things to bear in mind is that when Betsey shows up at Treadwell all that Taylor can see is that “the nuisance is back”. She only later gets to know Betsey and her motivations.

  • Lindsay K

    I loved The Rockstars Daughter! It was a very good book and I couldn’t put it down! I was wondering if you were thinking about making a sequel to The Rockstars Daughter or if your writing another book about Taylor?

  • Savannah

    I’ve read The Rock Stars Daughter and The Beleivers Daughter, and now I’m hungry for more. I can’t wait until The Tycoons Daughter is published. I’m uncertain if I’ll be able to give as much sympathy to Emma Jefferies as I did to Grace and Taylor because of the role Emma played in their stories. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  • Kristin

    Hello I really love all your books I had to get them all at once and couldn’t put them down! I love all the stories and love all the books but I have to say my favourite is grace and her boyfriend Felix ahhhhh I LOVED the believers daughter! Please tell me we here from grace and Felix again I would love to hear that they get married and open their tattoo shop!

  • Alex

    I really loved reading all three treadwell books and i cant wait to read emmas story! Ill be stalking itunes till it comes out. Thanks for writing such relatable cool books!:) Btw will emmas story be coming next year or this year?:)

    • Hi Millz! Thanks for your note :) I tend to workshop my books in progress on a website called Wattpad. The Emma book will be out soon, and I do think I’ll probably write a sequel to the Betsey book one day, or at least tie up some loose ends in her story in a book about Nicola or Christie.

  • Hi Brittany, the sequel is coming! I promise! But I don’t have an ETA yet because I have a full-time job and I haven’t had quite as much time to finish editing these past few weeks as i had hoped. I’ll start posting to the blog more regularly when I have a better idea of when it will be released. Sorry that it’s taking so long :)

    • Oh oks :) i also checked Emma’s book on Wattpad and it looks so good! I wasn’t really looking forward for it because of the small bit of info i got about her on Taylor’s and Betsey’s book i kinda saw her like a popular girl with too bad luck but OMG! I love that about your books, i always make prejudices about characters and when i see it from their point of view and just live the story trough them it’s soo different than i thought! Funny is that real life is also like that. You can envy the popular girl of the school, or the girl with a hot boyfriend (think Bella from Twilight hahaha) or a super-famous celebrity, but maybe they have a super complicated life, their family is broken, they are huntednby crazy vampires, or just are sick of media and decay on drugs and alcohol, so in the end there’s nothing to envy i guess. “Never jugde a book by its cover” :) I think one learns more reading books than going to school hahaha. Thanks for writting such amazing books! They really shall be Best-sellers :) Can’t wait to read about Taylor and Jake!! 😀

  • Lucy Miller

    Hi Ms. Duffy,
    I just finished reading “The Rockstar’s Daughter”, and I love your writing. Your character development of Taylor was perfect.
    She is a normal teen, but with her head on her shoulders. The story line was great, and I love all your characters, specially Taylor, her dad, her step mom, her sister, and Todd. I’m starting to read “The Viscount’s Daughter, and can’t wait to read about Taylor. Also it would be great that Betsy and Taylor would become good friends. Thank you Miss Duffy for writing such a great book.

  • hannah

    when will the tycoons daughter be out on ibooks(itunes)? i cant wait to read it, i absoloutley love your other 3 books and read all 3 in 4 days!

    and also when will the betsey sequel come out on ibooks aswell? xx

  • michelle

    I was randomly looking at books via my kindle, when I stumbled upon a book called the Rock Star’s Daughter. Little did I know, this book would turn out to be my favorite book. I was reading it 24/7, I honestly didnt know how interesting a book could be! All I want to say is thank you, for creating such a wonderful book. I would love to get more information on the book, because it truly is my favorite. Thanks Caitlyn!!!

    • So glad you liked it! As you can see, I’m having a late night tonight, catching up on emails. As the weather gets colder and rainier in New York, I’m beginning to realize how much Los Angeles inspired the book (and how much I miss that beautiful city). Taylor will return to the L.A. area in the sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter, and she’ll tie up her loose ends with Allison (who has quite a story of her own to tell). Thanks for reading!

  • Is Taylor’s sequel coming out any time soon? I really can’t wait to read it…! And i’m also waiting for Emma’s book…her story sounds really interesting, i read the first chapter on Wattpad and i really liked it! So, i hope they are coming out soon….?

    Also, are you writing a book about Allison? It’s just that it sounded like that in the last comment :) It would be so cool!

  • Kerry

    Hi Caitlyn, I live in the UK, I just happened to find your books by chance on iTunes, and I have read all three. Rarely do I come across books as good as these, I honestly cannot put them down! You should sell them at a higher price because I would definitely be willing to pay it. Your writing is excellent and I cannot wait for more new books in the Treadwell series to come out! I feel like I can really relate to situations in the books and I am so pleased I discovered your books, they’ve taught me some great lessons, especially Betsys story. I am inspired by you! Congratulations on your excellent achievements and i wish you all the best for the future! Oh and please keep writing!

    • Hi Kerry, Thanks so much for your note! I will need to bug you with some questions about life in the UK when I tell Nicola’s story. I really do try to make the stories about situations that any girl can understand, even if her parents aren’t celebrities and she doesn’t live in a penthouse. Keep your eyes peeled for the Emma book and the Taylor sequel, both coming soon!

  • maria

    i loved your first book it was so good i was just wishing to see it have you ever thought of making book one a movie i know i would watch it

  • Hi Caitlyn, I loved your books! I’m an older reader (in my thirties) but I enjoyed them very much! I now live in Spain, but I’m from Venezuela and have moved around a lot (including Germany and the UK). I’m also trying to write my book, but it has taken a very long time. If you have any advice on publishing or anything I would apreciate it!

    I love how you create your characters, honestly, amazing work! I can’t wait to hear more about all of them! (I’m especially curious about Grace and Taylor).

  • Chloe

    I absolutely loved Taylor’s story. I hadn’t bought the second book yet, and I tore into the preview of it on Amazon. My mom probably wouldn’t agree with me on getting the second book. She’s completely against me growing up. I do agree with her though, as I am only 12, but because the first book was free, I am officially hooked! Can’t wait to hear about Taylor again!

  • Nw

    I really loved ‘the rock stars daughter’! It is a GREAT book!!,
    Did you say there is a sequel about Taylor because I would LOVE to read it! My favourite character has got to be Jill, she was so kind and treated Taylor like her own daughter.
    If there is a sequel, what is it called, I really want to know

    • Well, hello there! Thanks for your note! The sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter isn’t out yet, but it’s almost done! It’ll be called The Rock Star’s Daughter 2, Junior Year. I’ll add you to my mailing list so that you receive an email as soon as it’s available.


  • Leilani Stewart

    Hi Caitlyn!
    I was just wondering if you know the exact date the tycoons daughter will be out? Because all of your other books have been AMAZING and i’m sure this one will be amazing too. And could you post on the blog when it comes out. Cus that would be awesome. One more thing, do you have any pets? Cus if you do can you post a picture of them cus i love animals and i’m sure if you have on it’s adorible. Thx a lot 😀

  • Leah Hughes (You know who I am :))

    Hey, it’s me! I feel like it’s beenforever since your last book came out. I still haven’t read it lol. Been lazy lately. But anyways whenever the books come out, I will buy them. I’m actually going to buy The Viscount’s Daughter today! By the way, how is it book four? You should probably update this eventually. And if you are still making The Rock Star’s Daughter sequel, will be extremely happy. I really like Taylor, definitely my favorite character. Btw love the whales. :)

    • Hey there, aren’t you in school right now?! I’m getting really, super homesick for LA, which is the inspiration for the Taylor book, so it’s harder to write the sequel when I’m not there. Creativity sometimes sucks, as you know. You don’t always have control over which faucet wants to turn on! what else is going on? which classes are you in this year?


      • Leah Hughes (You know who I am :))

        Yeah. But the last 20 minutes we didn’t do anything and I found your website… So yeah. Lol. And I can not wait! I kinda hate Allison. But I really can’t wait for the Taylor sequel! And I’ve actually been writing A LOT today. I just randomly got inspiration from, well nothing. But I am basically finished with the first chapter of the story I’m rewriting. And I’m taking:
        -Contemperary History
        -and 3 credit recovery classes :)

        Can’t wait for Allison’s book though! I’m addicted to the series. Will definitely be reading all of them this summer! After I finish TBD and TVD, I’m gonna reread TRD.


  • Jasmine

    I love love love this book and can’t wait to read all the others. That will defiantly be as good as this one. You are an inspirational writer so keep writing.

  • Leilani Stewart

    i hope in taylor’s sequal she ends up with jake, i don’t get why all my friends at school who red the rock stars daughter hate him (well i sorta do but in the viscounts daughter he seemed to have a better attitude)

  • Brittnie

    I haven’t been able to find Emma’s story, but I have read the other 3. Is The Tycoons Daughter available to buy yet?


    LOVED The Rock Star’s Daughter great book hope a second part comes out but now focusing on Taylor’s dad getting better, fixing her friendship with Allison, what happens between her and Todd and Jake should come in the picture in which Taylor decides who she wants to be with: her ex-bestfriends brother who ignored her for years or the guy that follows her father’s band on tour who feels like she’s different from other girls. Would love to read a part two for The Rock Star’s Daughter!

  • Melany

    Hi!!! Will you be writing a second book for the Rock Stars Daughter? I LOVEDDDDDD it!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee write a second book.

  • Alehtse C.

    Do you know what the name for the sequel of the rock star’s daughter is going to be? I’m dying for it to come out!! Do you know approximately when will it come out? Keep on writing your books. They are great!!!

  • Alexis

    Hii!!! I loved the rock’s stars daughter book and I cant wait for the sequel! do you think the sequel come out before new year’s eve?
    keep writing

  • Jayde

    I loved your book so much it was very very well written that is hands down one of the best books iv ever read. I think i have read it around 4-5 times , and i was wondering if the movie was out or was it just a rumour ? thanks for reading this Jayde……
    p.s im 13 turning 14

    • admin

      Hi Jayde! Thanks so much for your comment and for reading The Rock Star’s Daughter! There isn’t a movie version of the book, but I wish there was! I’ve been really busy working on a spin-off series about Allison and what happens to her after the argument with Taylor. Check my blog for updates on when it will be released!

    • admin

      Hi Jayde! Thanks so much for your comment and for reading The Rock Star’s Daughter! There isn’t a movie version of the book, but I wish there was! I’ve been really busy working on a spin-off series about Allison and what happens to her after the argument with Taylor. Check my blog for updates on when it will be released!

  • Emma

    I think you should write another treadwell academy book, focusing on someone Emma met in Rehab. Not drugs or an eating disorder, something else.

    • admin

      Hi Claire,
      I don’t have a formal release date for Center Stage just yet, but I’ll email you privately about receiving an advanced reader copy.

    • admin

      Hi Samantha,
      the next book of mine that’ll be released is called Center Stage, and it’s all about Taylor’ best friend, Allison (and of course, Todd). It’ll be out soon!

  • Nina

    I love this series! Just started book 4 and I love it so far. I think you should write another book about either Chloe, Paige, Nicola, or Bijoux! It would be really cool to also read about the boys point of view. Maybe Aaron, Jake or Kristjan? Also maybe Danko too. Don’t mean to sound annoying or demanding, there’s just so many great possibilities!! Thanks for making this amazing series, Nina

    • admin

      Hi Nina!
      Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! I am working on an idea about Paige and her sister, Jenny. I love the idea of writing something about Chloe but I’m not sure yet what her journey would be. And Jake will definitely make his big return when I ever get around to finishing the Taylor sequel! I am totally open to ideas & requests. Happy New Year!
      – Caitlyn

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