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At long last, Center Stage! is finally being released on September 14th!
Anyone who’s read The Rock Star’s Daughter will remember Allison Burch, Taylor’s best friend and Todd’s younger sister. Before Taylor’s whisked away into her father’s world of celebrity and luxury, she spends her summer days working with Allison at Robek’s making smoothies in Los Angeles. But the girls have a bitter argument when Taylor’s feeling homesick in Chicago.
One of the most common questions I received from readers about The Rock Star’s Daughter is, “Did Taylor and Allison ever become friends again?”
The more I thought about Allison’s plight, the more obvious it became that the best friend of a girl who suddenly becomes famous overnight might just have a story of her own to tell. I started wondering what Allison’s goals were (other than to find a boyfriend), and how losing her best friend so abruptly might have impacted her junior year of high school.
The notes I made on Allison ended up being pretty lengthy–lengthy enough to fill an entire book! Allison Burch longs to become a famous singer, but her parents aren’t famous celebs like those of her best friend, Taylor Beauforte. In fact, Allison’s parents think the entertainment industry is petty and frivolous. She doesn’t even tell her parents when she secretly sends in an audition video to Center Stage!, a musical reality competition TV show.
And she certainly doesn’t tell them when she cuts classes to venture to Hollywood alone when she’s invited to audition for the producers in person.
Being chosen as a contestant on Center Stage is the key to making all of Allison’s dreams come true. If she’s the grand prize winner, she’ll get to join Irish boy band All or Nothing on their world tour, and she’ll get a record deal of her own.
But she doesn’t count on Chase Atwood, Taylor’s famous rock star dad, being one of the judges.
And she definitely doesn’t count on falling hard on Elliott Mercer, her biggest competition on the show.
How much is Allison willing to lose in order to win?

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