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  • ericka

    I know this is random but you once wrote in this magazine I believe about this young lady in london who was struggling to make it onto this singing show and she got kicked out of her old band and made a new band. I believe you only made 4-6 chapters but I dont think you ever wrote about what happened at the audition or what happened to the group afterwards. I was just wondering if you ever continued to write about that story? If you had any interest in finishing the story? and if so when and where could I find that story because I was really enjoying it to be honest. NOT that i dont enjoy the rest of your work but I have already finished your other books and I would like to finish this as well

    Thanks in advance,

    • admin

      Hi Ericka,
      That story was “Dazed Off” and it was written in support of Beat Girl, a book by Jasmina Kallay, released by Be Active Media. I’ve never had a chance to complete it, although one day I would love to because one of my favorite bands of all time, Elastica, was a mostly-girl band that was popular at a time when all of the other bands coming out of London were boys. I am just about to release Center Stage!, which is sort of a sequel to The Rock Star’s Daughter. It picks up the story from the perspective of Taylor’s best friend, Allison, who tries out for a reality TV show like “The Voice”… and one of the judges is Taylor’s dad.

  • kelly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your books! I have read all of them multiple times! Just finished Backstage, gonna start Center Stage next! Just curious who your nextTreadwell book will be about! I have always wanted to know about Lauren Glover (The RA there on scholarships) Well, I want to know about everyone lol! But it just feels like she has a story! Anyway, love your books!

  • Jenna Ryan

    Hi Caitlyn! I’m a huge fan of your Treadwell Academy series. I find the dynamic of a boarding school filled with rich famous girls fascinating. The Rockstar’s Daughter will always hold a special place in my heart however The Viscount’s Daughter has to be my favourite mostly because I think Betsey was an awesome character and also for the fact most of it took place on campus unlike the other books. I was wondering if you would ever write any more book? I would love to read one about Ameerah Thompson. Yoou could call it The Mogul’s Daughter :) As a huge fan of the t.v show Empire I think I would find a book about her very interesting!

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