The Return of Brice Norris

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Almost three years ago, I contributed a short story to the Rock Gods of Romance series. I’d authored a story about Brice Norris, the trouble-making lead singer of Sigma, the fictional band who opened for Pound on their world tour in The Rock Star’s Daughter.  When that book had first come out, several readers had written to me asking about Brice and whether or not he was real. He’s most definitely not real, but I loved the idea of a young rock star crashing and burning on his overnight success.

I’d never done anything more with the story I’d started about Brice traveling home to visit his parents and falling in love with his big sister’s best friend, who was also back in their hometown escaping the mess she’d made of her life in New York City.

Just today I realized – Wattpad! I should at least share this book on Wattpad! So, here it is: Hometown Hook-up.


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